Valet Order System

Our Online Vehicle Valeting Order System makes your valeting management far quicker and easier than ever before! and there is no installation for you to worry about.

100% Internet Based. It can easily be accessed by any internet enabled computer within your office. The system is linked to your on site valeters, who will immediately be able to see your new valeting order on their computer installed in the valeting bay.Valet Scheduling. The journal system allows you and the valeters to know the scheduled workload simply by checking the system. It informs the valeters which vehicle needs valeting, exactly which tasks to perform and what time the vehicle needs to be ready for. Real Time information.


You can log into the system and see a detailed record of the valets being carried out. Instantly see all completed and future valets. Just log on and you can use the system to monitor valet spending, monitor the number of valet jobs and view management reports and much much more.

Easy to use. The ordering process has been designed to be as effortless and as straightforward as possible. Just log on and within minutes your be experiencing the amazing benefits our Valeter Order System offers. We even offer free training and support wherever it is needed.


Revolutionary design. We have developed the most advanced valet ordering system in the industry, and the way in which dealerships interact with their valeting partners. With various levels of reporting for your team your valeting budget is in safe hands with New Image Valeting.